What I do

I am currently a full time Instructor in the Graphic Design program at Red River College. I instruct in design, web design, App design, User Interface, User Experience, prototyping & production. My focus is on HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress New Media and animation with After Effects.

I enjoy expanding and encouraging eager and creative young minds, and pushing design thinking and product development in a sustainable way. I do my best to encourage creativity, imagination and a sense of aesthetic discrimination and promote a healthy view on design, and life in general.


Graphic design plays a vital part in the effective communication of information, ideas, services and products. It shapes our culture and our ideas about everything around us. It gives value to everyday things, intangible things – Everything. The ideas in branding are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Design for people is what’s going on NOW. You need to become involved in the psychology and understand human behavior to add relevance and direction to your visual statements and branding methods.