Ads of the world – Folk Festival

A great compilation of ads from around the world – I thought I’d do a search for Winnipeg to see if any good local work was featured and they have the Winnipeg Folk Festival campaign listed which was done at Relish in 2007. I had the pleasure of rebuilding the Folk Festival’s website that year while working at Relish. I’ve always been a fan of the Winnipeg Folk Festival and it was a fun client to work with. Unfortunately the ads of the world site lists Relish as being in the USA when it’s actually a Canadian company so I assume not all their facts have been checked… Other than a few errors in country, they do have a great list of well designed ads – print, web, or video.
Advertising Agency: Relish Design Studio
Creative Director: Suzanne Braun
Art Director / Copywriter: Branden Douglas
Photographers: Lisa Waldner, Bert Luit
Published: June 2007


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