Design Disruptors, a new documentary by Invision

Well it’s been years (literally) since my last post. Life and work get busy, and mostly I’ve just been tweeting (@ilsedyck) these days. But this new documentary coming out, called Design Disruptors, looks like it’s worth a few more than 140 characters…

Yes. THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF DESIGN. This is something I think many or most designers have had on their brain for awhile. It’s about time that someone documented what’s happening and how we can, in fact, begin to change the world. Hopefully always for good. For “the better”.

design disruption is…

  • not art
  • problem solving
  • adapting to technology
  • confidence in action
  • people that are fearless
  • people that say “I do not have the answer, but I am not going to quit until i find it!”
  • following your gut
  • design that moves in a direction that other people aren’t looking
  • creates a wave
  • it is actually a movement
  • this is a craft that no one understands…

If you’re not yet using Invision, you should check it out, it’s a free prototyping tool that syncs with Sketch and Photoshop seamlessly, and lets you collaborate easily with other designers, developers, and clients.

And, for sure check out the trailers for this new, upcoming documentary on design. I think it’s going to be fabulous!

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