Don’t fear the internet

Don’t fear the internet has a wonderful little set of videos and resources for those who are just starting out with web design. Also for those print designers who are afraid to touch HTML and CSS, this is a great little way to push your print portfolio to the next level and start learning about “the internet”!

It’s not as scary as you think!


by Jessica Hische & Russ Maschmeyer
Are you a print designer, photographer, fine-artist, or general creative person? Do you have a shitty website that you slapped together yourself in Dreamweaver in that ONE web design class that you took in college? Do you not have a site at all because you’ve been waiting two years for your cousin to put it together for you? Well, we’re here to help. We know that you have little to no desire to do web design professionally, but that doesn’t mean that you want an ugly cookie-cutter site or to settle for one that hasn’t been updated since Hackers was in theaters. Through short tutorial videos, you’ll learn how to take a basic wordpress blog and manipulate the css, html (and even some php!) to match your aesthetic. You’ll feel empowered rather than crippled by the internet and worst case scenario you’ll at least end up having a better idea of how professional web designers turn your design dreams into a reality on screen.

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