Flash competition

There has been so much debate over Flash. Is it here to stay or will it be replaced? With the constant back and forth between Apple and Adobe, this is hard to say. While there are things I like about flash, I think it could use improvement. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the market today. I see some competition coming out for flash, and that can’t be a bad thing. Soon you’ll be able to export CSS3 directly from flash so I can’t see it going away completely. Sencha is another option though – although I don’t see a lot of interactivity here, just animation. There are so many new things you can do just with HTML5 and CSS3. It will be interesting to see which programs come out on top. I’ve just downloaded Sencha Touch and Sencha Animator. I’ll be testing these out to see how they compare but they’re free to use and open source, so you can also download them and see for yourself.


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