Good design vs. Great design

Although I agree with this article from web designer depot, I think most of this is already common knowledge for most designers. Details matter, and you have to be a perfectionist if you want your design to be great instead of just good. Most of us already know that. What I think is of more importance is further down in the article – talking about looking at things from a different angle. I don’t think you can be a great designer without being innovative in this day and age so I think coming up with concepts that are “outside the box” is what is separating the truly great designers. Also some good tips on how to train yourself to think in different and more creative ways.

This is akin to “thinking outside the box”. Great designers approach projects from different angles than their good counterparts.

They know how to think through all the different possibilities on a project and then choose one that’s different but will still work to achieve the project goals.”

Corners are like blind spots in our creative vision. We have to learn to think past those blind spots and think abstractly (and sometimes illogically) about what we’re trying to do.”

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