Wofoo Form Gallery (free templates!)

Why reinvent the wheel? If it’s already been made and you know how to make it – I find it’s sometimes best and easiest to find something similar to what you want to do that’s already well made and then tweak it. The Wufoo Form Gallery is a resource for web developers and designers to help get a head start on data collection. It saves you time building forms – instead of spending the time building forms, you could be designing new fun things! Here’s a short list of some of the types of forms you can find on Wofoo:

How to Use Wofoo

Search through the Wofoo website, go to the gallery page – from here, find a template or design you like. Download the HTML and CSS files for your workflow OR Add it to your Wufoo account to customize and use it to collect data right away. To get directly to the Wofoo gallery click here.

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