Copyright laws and linking with love

A core philosophy of open source is everyone helping each other towards a common goal of improving a software project and teaching people how to use it effectively. Read as much as you can to see how you can help keep our open source community out of government hands.

The government loves to put locks on our internet use and media, so that if we get caught using too much we’d have consequences like… we’re no longer allowed to have internet access, among other things like requiring our ISP’s to track all our moves and report any file sharing traffic to name a few.

What happened to privacy laws?
Do you want the government to be allowed to track every move you make on your computer?

Last fall there was a law that was almost passed, but there was a demonstration opposing it that turned into a small riot – so they canceled the meetings. Laws like this are constantly being fought against by a small number of people who know and care about copyright law in Canada.

I was taught to share in kindergarten. I think sharing is good…
Open source is changing the way information is shared – and there is nothing wrong with sharing your art / music / programming / skills with other people if you want to.

The problem for artists can come in when people are taking your online art and selling it or claiming it as their own. This is where linking with love comes in – Please check out the link with love website for details on how you can keep the internet open while still helping artists grow.


While you’re on the link with love website, check out this amazing GIVING CREDIT / STORM CLOUD poster created by erin loechner and pia bijkerk (with yvette‘s lovely handmade fonts!)


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