Free responsive design templates

Are you a designer or developer who’s looking for a template to start you off with responsive web and mobile design? Here are a few good templates with a free download that you can use to get you started. Skeleton is a collection of CSS & JS files that can help you develop sites that look beautiful at any size, on a 1600px screen or an iPhone. Skeleton is a great resource – but uses Media Queries with specific sizes (4 to be exact) which I still find can be limiting. If you’re looking for free liquid layouts instead of Media Queries please continue reading below.

Golden Grid System (GGS) is also a template that you can use to start your responsive design. Starting with 18 columns, each column on the left and right are used as the outer margins of the grid, which leaves 16 columns for your design. The other thing that makes this one different is that it includes resizing your typography, not just the layout or columns.  Also click on the “Golden Gridlet” in the top right corner, it will show and hide the grid at any given size – fun! Also if you’re just starting to do fluid designs, make sure you check out the tips and faqs at the bottom where there are some useful links!

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