Sustainable web design

Saving the planet – one website at a time! This article from netmagazine has some really amazing stats on how most websites and pixels actually pollute more than you may think.

One quote that really puts it into perspective is this one:

…viewing a simple web page generates about 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide per second on desktop computers. This number rises to about 300 milligrams per second when viewing a website with complex images, animations and videos. To put this in perspective, watching movies via a rich media web page for a couple of hours could generate several pounds of greenhouse gases. That doesn’t sound like much, but with a billion page views here, a billion there, it all begins to add up.

This also reminds me of a great video on vimeo that I saw earlier this year that is a motion infographic explaining exactly “How green is your internet!?”

How Green Is Your Internet? from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

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