Typekit – a web font service I’ve just stumbled on. I’ve been using @font-face to add fonts to websites for the last few years via my own server by downloading the font and attaching it like you would an image or anything else via CSS. I’ve just noticed typekit and am curious if it’s better than just adding fonts using @font-face using your own server. I just went to the font-face.com website and noticed this google announcement in the top right corner (go to the website & click to read) which basically states they will no longer be adding fonts and competing. I would normally be adding fonts that I download myself from FontSquirrel, so for me this is a non-issue. I also notice that typekit has pricing which fontsquirrel does not – and I do like my free fonts 🙂 I’ve never really had any issues with quality or problems with the fonts I’ve downloaded from fontsquirrel, so I’ll have to try typekit out – as I’ve heard good things about it. Purchasing liscences for fonts for their use online could get very pricey. Now that we (web designers) finally have free range to attach fonts to our sites, all the font companies want our money for using them online – a different cost than purchasing them for other means.

While @font-face and fontsquirrel are very easy to use, it seems typekit has taken a few extra steps into account which may mean more work and coding – but a better end product. Typekit uses the same method of using @font-face, but keeps the fonts on their servers and gives you access to them instead of having to download and fill your own server. Read their blog’s article for details on “font events” here!


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