Why you should use Media Queries

I’ve mentioned fluid grids becoming the next huge trend in web design – to get around having fixed widths that don’t work across different devices. Media Quieries, and building fluid layouts, is the easiest way to have your site display well across browsers and devices with different sizes and resolutions. Media Queries is a document which is an extension of media dependent stylesheets that were used with CSS2 (for example screen and print) that is tailored for different media types and screen resolutions. By restricting CSS rules to the width of the device displaying a web page, the web designer can tailor the page’s representation to multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and desktops) with different screen resolutions. Responsive Web Design is the practice of using fluid grids, flexible images , and media queries to progressively enhance a web page for viewing on different platforms.

Media Quieries

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